Hi, I'm Brenton!


My love for photography started at an early age, when my cousin came to my hometown, Orange, NSW for a visit. He was a professional travel photographer and I was amazed at what he could do. I started taking pictures on my iPad, and once I got my first camera I was officially hooked-I knew photography was what I wanted to do.

At 16 I had already landed my first professional job as a second shooter for a local wedding photographer, where I was lucky enough to be able to attend over 50 weddings. Each shoot was so unique! Getting to be a part of so many different weddings and meeting so many incredible couples was amazing, and before I knew it, I had fallen in love.

Knowing that photography was absolutely what I wanted to do, three years ago I decided to finally start my own business and Brenton Cox Photography was born. There was nothing I wouldn’t do - weddings, family photos, graduations, commercial work – wherever someone needed photos I’d be there.

To me photography is about connection, everybody is so beautiful and different and I think that’s amazing. I love all the unique moments and emotions that make up our individual stories, and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to capture them.

When I’m working with my clients I love to have fun, there’s nothing better than having a couple or a family laughing and enjoying themselves during a shoot. I’ll make a fool of myself to get a baby smiling, I’ll bring champagne for that ‘crazy cool’ shot, and sometimes I’ll dance just for the sake of dancing – whatever it takes to capture the moment!